Clear Leadership



A unique set of skills that will radically increase your capacity to guide organizational change



Business leader, this course is for you, if:

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You feel tired of being the only initiator and driver of changes in your company.

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You are struggling to implement technologies or process improvement as your employees do not seem to come along.

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You want results fast - you can't afford to analyse and plan changes for months. You need results!

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You want to take your company to the next level - FAST!

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You dream of the day when each and every one of your employees is standing for the wellbeing of the whole company. 

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You want your employees to be motivated and eager to implement changes.


Why should I choose the Clear Leadership program?


It is naive to hope for a better result if you don't change anything. However, over the decades, the research has shown that 2/3 of change initiatives fail. In past 15 years a new approach - dialogic change management - has emerged and shown consistently amazing results: 

  • 90% of change initiatives succeed.  
  • Changes that used to take 2-3 years are now implemented in 2-3 months.
  • At the same time the stress level of employees (and managers) and employee turnover are lower than before the changes. 

About the program

Most research estimates that only about 35% of change programs succeed (Eaton, 2011). 

The Clear Leadership program is specifically designed by Dr. Gervase Bushe, one of the most influential researchers and consultants of change management & organizational development, to equip managers with the mindset and corresponding skills to raise success rate to 90%. And as a result, to enable creating better organizations, that deliver excellent results for all its stakeholder (workers, owners, managers, customers, suppliers etc). 

Read more about Dr. Gervase Bushe

prof Gervase Bushe

Dr. Gervase Bushe

Agenda of the course:

Day 1: Aware Self

  • Why our normal way of "managing people" destroys partnership.
  • How our normal ways of managing anxiety create interpersonal mush.
  • How to uncover all of one's experience through the experience cube.
  • The negative effects of mystifying language and the positive effects of clear language.
  • The different impacts of talking to others right here, right now versus our normal way of talking. 

Day 2: Descriptive Self

  • How to describe your experience in transparent ways.
  • The difference between being descriptive and being judgmental.
  • How to describe your judgments in ways that clarify your experience and reduce defensiveness.
  • The first part of conducting an organizational learning conversation. 
  • What partnership is and why it's the core of collaboration at work.

Day 3: Curious Self

  • Listening through the experience cube.
  • Where your reactivity comes from and how to park it.
  • Understanding the role of shame in reducing interpersonal clarity. 
  • How to confront others in a way that gets them to be descriptive, not defensive.
  • The second part of conducting an organizational learning conversation.  

Day 4: Bringing the Skills to Work

  • An opportunity to integrate all the skills from the previous three days. 
  • The entire Organizational Learning Conversation process - the core skill of managing change. 
  • When to have learning conversations.
  • How to coach others through a learning conversation with you.
  • How to mediate learning conversations between others.
  • How to use appreciative processes to create change.

Executives all over the world have said that after the Clear Leadership program:

  • The organisation became much more transparent to all employees as mutual understanding improved
  • General stress level was reduced (for C-level and frontline alike). 
  • Development projects started to move significantly faster.
  • Employee motivation improved (as the number of demotivating events was reduced).  
  • Employee turnover was reduced significantly.
  • We did less, but achieved more - we took the company to the next level!

If you want to talk directly to CEOs whose companies are using Clear Leadership methods to develop their organisations, let us know and we will hook you up!

About the trainer

Elar Killumets


Elar Killumets is organizational coach, operating as a sensemaking advisor and provider of a broad, diverse array of competencies in the field of organizational development and change management. 

His areas of expertise are both broad strategic projects (e.g. changing organizational culture, increasing organizational adaptability and agility, restoring the ability to innovate) and also more tactical challenges (e.g. reducing the negative effect of silos or aligning performance management systems with strategy). Over the years, Elar has established himself as an innovative and unorthodox change helper who is a strong proponent of dialogic mindset and tools.

You do not hear from him theories in form of "would-should-could", but he is in the change process alongside of the CEO until the results have been achieved. He does not build dependence on himself during the process. He teaches the whole organization to run similar processes by themselves in the future. He does things differently, but the results speak for themselves - the keywords being speed and ease of changes.


A unique set of skills that will radically increase your capacity to guide organizational change